Support Belen

Donating is a meaningful way to support the Lord’s mission and ensure the continuation of impactful programs and services for the Belen & Valencia County community.

How Donations Are Used

Donations to our church are used responsibly to fund various ministries, support community outreach efforts, maintain our facilities, and advance our mission of spreading God’s love and compassion to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are donations allocated within the church's budget?

Donations are allocated within the church’s budget according to the approved financial plan, which is developed annually by the Finance Committee and approved by the church membership. This plan outlines allocations for various ministries, operations, outreach programs, and facility maintenance.

Are donations used solely for church operations, or are they also directed towards community outreach?

Donations are used both for church operations, including staff salaries, utilities, and facility maintenance, and for community outreach efforts such as missions, benevolence programs, and support for local initiatives.

Is there transparency regarding how donations are spent?

The church maintains transparency in its financial operations by providing regular financial reports to the congregation, conducting annual financial audits, and making financial information available to members upon request.

Are there any specific guidelines or restrictions on how donations can be used?

Donations are used in accordance with the church’s bylaws and financial policies, ensuring that funds are used for purposes consistent with the church’s mission and values. Donors may also specify the use of their donations for particular ministries or programs.

What percentage of donations goes towards staff salaries and administrative expenses?
A predetermined percentage of donations is allocated towards staff salaries and administrative expenses, as outlined in the annual budget. This allocation is determined based on the needs of the church and the recommendations of the Finance Committee.
Are donations used to support specific ministries or programs within the church?
Donations may be designated to support specific ministries or programs within the church, such as youth ministry, music ministry, or missions. These designated funds are used exclusively for the specified purpose.
How does the church ensure financial accountability and stewardship of donated funds?
The church maintains strict financial accountability and stewardship of donated funds through oversight by the Finance Committee, regular financial reporting, annual audits conducted by independent auditors, and adherence to established financial policies and procedures. Additionally, the church’s financial records are reviewed and approved by the church membership at regular business meetings.